What are some ideas for Christmas village displays?


Creating miniature Christmas village displays is a fun way to express creativity during the holidays. Some interesting ways to design a Christmas village include using found objects, incorporating unusual themes and imitating real-life towns.

Standard miniature winter villages include facsimiles of bodies of water, people, animals, lights and buildings. Use outside objects, such as pine cones or leaves, in the construction of the buildings to give them a unique spin.

Feature a theme to make the miniature village stand out. Try a spooky zombie village or a medieval kingdom village. Stick in representations of beloved fictional characters from film, television and books for an added twist.

Making the village closely resemble a local neighborhood makes the village fun and recognizable. Include a miniature version of a friend's house or a local business center to enhance the realism of the town. Imagine guests attempting to pinpoint where they have seen the tiny buildings before.

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