How is a thank you note written following a funeral?


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A thank you note following a funeral should be sincere and respectful, and really can follow any format the writer chooses, as long as the wording is sincere. There are many ways and formats to use as guidelines, but this choice is entirely up to the person writing the thank you note.

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When writing a thank you note following a funeral, the note should be more personal than professional. Making sure to thank the person for whatever gift they contributed or whatever help they provided is tandem to writing the note. Here are some suggested guidelines:

  • Note people's contributions
  • Keeping a list made of what each person or team contributed can be very helpful, especially a month after the funeral.

  • Take some time
  • Do not feel pressured into sending notes to everyone, especially within a certain amount of time. Taking time to go through everything is fine, and people will understand that grief is a process.

  • Enlist help
  • Do not force the writing — if the desire to write the notes is not there, enlisting a friend or family member can be of assistance.

  • Handwrite the notes
  • Use simple lines and handwrite the notes, if possible. This gives them a personal touch and the recipients will appreciate the effort.

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