Can latex paint be applied over enamel?


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It is possible to paint with latex over enamel that is deglossed and primed. The key is to remove the glossy surface of the enamel paint.

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Oil-based enamel paint provides a lovely gloss sheen, but when it starts to peel with age, it is difficult to paint onto. Luckily, it is not necessary to completely remove a layer of enamel paint when repainting a room in latex.

  1. Prep the area
  2. Remove all furniture and small items from the room. Spread drop cloths on the floor to protect against spills. Wrap molding and window frames with painter's tape to protect them.

  3. Degloss the enamel
  4. Rub the deglosser over the surface of the enamel paint with a clean rag in circular motions. Check instructions on the deglosser for specific details. Some deglossers require users to paint over them while still wet, others need to dry completely before priming.

  5. Prime the surface
  6. Apply a latex primer over the deglossed enamel surface. Start by brushing the primer on all the way around the edges of the wall. This creates a latex outline. Fill in the rest of the wall with a paint roller covered in latex primer. Work in long, even strokes remembering to overlap edges for complete coverage. Allow the primer to dry completely. After this, the wall is ready to paint with latex.

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