How do I take care of a jasmine plant?


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To care for a jasmine plant, place it in a warm, sun-lit location with plenty of room to grow, add fertilizer and mulch, then water it regularly. Additionally, pinch back the stems and prune as needed during the dormant season. Keep a supply of fertilizer and mulch on hand, as well as a pair of pruning scissors for the plant's care.

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  1. Find a good location

    Plant the jasmine in a location that receives plenty of sunlight. The soil needs to be fertile and well-drained. If the soil is not rich enough, work a layer of compost into the top 12 inches of the soil.

  2. Give the plant room to grow

    Plant the jasmine in a location where it has plenty of room to grow. Each plant needs at least 8 feet of space.

  3. Water the plant

    Give the plant 2 inches of water every week during the growing season. The top 8 inches of soil needs to be moist at all times. During the winter, continuing watering the plant at a reduced rate.

  4. Pinch back the stems

    Pinch back the stems on young jasmine plants to encourage them to branch out and grow bushier.

  5. Fertilize the plant

    Add a balanced fertilizer to the soil in the spring.

  6. Add mulch

    During the fall, add a 2-inch layer of mulch to the area under the plant to keep the soil moist during the winter. Repeat the process in the spring.

  7. Prune the plant

    After the jasmine plant flowers, prune the limbs back to the nearest buds. Remove dead and damaged branches. Do not remove too much foliage.

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