What are the different types of roses?


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The four major types of roses are the bush, climbing, shrub and groundcover rose. There are many subcategories within each rose type, but each rose is organized by its growing characteristics.

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What are the different types of roses?
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The most popular rose of the bush type is the hybrid tea rose. These roses are more durable than other roses and easier to care for than other varieties. This bush rose is easy to find for purchase, but its fragrance is not as potent as other rose types.

The climbing rose comes as a large-flowered climber with thick canes and thinner canes called clusters. Large-flowered climbers bloom all summer, while ramblers bloom in early spring. Contrary to its name, these roses do not actually climb, but their canes are often attached to trellises or arbors for a heightened effect.

Shrub roses grow upwardly and their canes are often trimmed to create a shrub effect. Shrubs are easy to grow and are popular with both amateur and experienced gardeners. Most shrub roses bloom in the early summer and are often planted along the borders of a yard.

Groundcover roses are named due to their low-growing traits. Different varieties of groundcover roses grow at varied times, from once a year to continuously throughout the year.

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