What do you do if your furnace fan won't shut off?


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A furnace fan that does not shut off may cause harm to the entire heating system in the home. A couple of simple steps can help check to see if repairs can be completed at home or if professional help is required. Resetting the thermostat, clearing any clogs and replacing the filter if worn or damaged are all easy fixes for basic problems. If these do not help, it is best to get a professional opinion./

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  1. Check the thermostat

    Make sure the problem does not lie with the thermostat being set to "on," which means the fan operates continuously. If it is, try resetting the thermostat to see if that solves the problem.

  2. Check the filter

    Look for any clogs in the filter. A clogged filter may cause severe damage to the limit switch. The limit switch senses the temperature inside the furnace, and it shuts off the fire when the temperature becomes too high as a safety, only allowing it to come back on once it has cooled sufficiently. Trying to fix the limit switch rather than replacing it may cause safety issues.

  3. Replace the filter

    Check and change the filter frequently to reduce energy costs, reduce potential damage to the furnace and keep the air in the house clean. When a filter becomes too clogged, it restricts the air flow through the furnace, so the furnace works too hard to move the heat away. Filter pieces may also get caught in the blower wheel and need to be removed.

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