How do you remove latex paint from wood trim?


To remove latex paint from wood trim you need clean rags, water and denatured alcohol. The process itself is fairly easy, simply add a small amount of alcohol to the rag, then rub the paint spot with firm pressure to remove it. A small area can be cleaned within minutes.

  1. Dampen rag with denatured alcohol

    Pour some of the denatured alcohol onto one of your clean rags so that it becomes damp. You don't want to saturate the rag with too much alcohol, but you need enough to evenly rub it across the entire paint spill.

  2. Apply alcohol to the trim

    Put some pressure on the damp rag and press it against the paint. Because the paint is latex, denatured alcohol alone is enough to remove it. If you find that the paint is still difficult to remove, you may need to rub more vigorously or add more denatured alcohol to the wood trim. Stop scrubbing when the bulk of the color is gone to ensure that the wood trim remains undamaged.

  3. Wipe the trim dry

    Take one of the remaining clean rags and use it to wipe any excess paint or denatured alcohol away from the wood trim. Don't allow the alcohol and paint mixture to sit on the wood trim for too long because the surface may become damaged or discolored.

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