How do I reset my garage door keypad?


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Reset a garage door keypad by clearing the code, setting the motor to accept a new code and then selecting the code on the keypad. Climb a ladder to reach the motor of the garage door opener, and reset all remotes when you establish the new code.

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  1. Set up a ladder

    Securely set up a ladder underneath the garage door motor, and carefully climb up to reach it.

  2. Locate the reset button

    Find the Learn button on the side of the motor. Press this button until the light goes off. This clears the current code from the garage door’s memory.

  3. Press the button again

    Press the Learn button until the light comes back on, then climb down the ladder.

  4. Insert the new code

    Go to the keypad, enter the new code and then look at the motor’s light to see if it is blinking. When it blinks, it has recognized the new code.

  5. Press the button again

    Climb the ladder, and press the Learn button again to save the new code that you entered into the keypad.

  6. Set the remotes

    Press any button on the garage door remote. Look for the light on the motor to blink, indicating successful programming of the remote. Repeat for all remotes to that particular garage door opener.

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