How do you trim a weeping willow tree?
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How do you trim a weeping willow tree?


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The weeping willow is a tree with characteristic long branches that arch toward the ground. You need to trim this tree regularly to keep it strong and healthy. Simply disinfect the pruning tools, remove dead and broken foliage, remove the suckers, and shape the remaining branches.

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  1. Disinfect the pruning tools

    Start out by disinfecting the pruning tools to prevent spreading disease to your weeping willow tree. If you trim off any diseased branches, disinfect the pruning tools to keep from spreading the disease. Use a 10 percent bleach solution.

  2. Remove dead and broken foliage

    Remove all dead and broken foliage. If you need to remove a dead branch, cut just above the part of the branch that meets the trunk. Some especially thick branches require a saw. If the branch is broken, cut it off just below the break.

  3. Trim the suckers

    Remove the suckers which grow at the trunk of the tree. These stress the tree by competing for nutrients.

  4. Shape the branches

    Prune the rest of the branches to keep them from growing tangled together, which, in turn, weakens the wood. Cut off the parts of branches that touch the ground. Cut the remaining branches to different lengths to keep it ornamental. Concentrate your pruning on the thick growth at the trunk of the tree, especially if it's overly thick.

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