What is winter care for a Mandevilla vine?
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What is winter care for a Mandevilla vine?


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Mandevilla vines can be brought indoors during the winter months and treated like a houseplant or stored in a temperate place until spring, according to the University of Illinois. Regular care includes trimming when needed and watering at least once a week.

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According to the University of Illinois, mandevillas perform well when brought indoors and placed in a greenhouse or a warm, sunny spot in the home. Additional lighting is required to get them to bloom indoors during the winter.

An alternative method is to dig up the mandevilla from the garden and store it in a basement, garage or crawl space that has a temperature of between 55 and 60 degrees. The vine should be washed thoroughly to get rid of lingering insects, and gardeners should trim the vine back between eight and 10 inches. The soil should be kept somewhat dry, but not entirely dry. Winter fertilization is not recommended. The vine should be moved indoors in early spring and cared for until ready to move outside in late May or June.

Moving a mandevilla vine indoors creates a bit of a mess due to its outdoor leaves shedding fast, notes HGTV Gardens. Cutting all the leaves allows the vine to begin growing new ones that are better adapted to the indoors.

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