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... buy hot prepared dinners of baked cod or Pan Asian dishes with Jasmine rice and Naan; see cooking demonstrations;
BusinessWeek · Oct. 16, 2014
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... of hom mali (jasmine rice) at Bt15,000-Bt16,000 a tonne, and paddy sticky rice at Bt13,000. About 6 million to 7 million tonnes of paddy rice...
The Nation - Thailand · 18 hours ago  Explore story »
... will be Falak Jasmine Rice. Thailand is famous for its Thai Jasmine fragrance rice, which is used in Thai, Japanese, Chinese and eastern rice...
The News International · Oct. 18, 2014  Explore story »
... it, for instance, or one that is presented in a croissant, but in this setting, it works.  Curries come with both jasmine rice and a baguette.
Washington Post · Oct. 17, 2014
The next time we order it, we'll likely add chicken ($4) or shrimp ($9). Both entrees came with a generous side of jasmine rice.
Arkansas Online · Oct. 16, 2014
... to make this dish as an entree, simply serve it by resting the Teriyaki Chicken Stuffed Mushrooms on a bed of freshly steamed Jasmine rice. · Oct. 15, 2014
... on price benchmark The Commerce Ministry and rice traders have agreed to set up a benchmark price for paddy hom mali (jasmine) rice of Bt15...
The Nation - Thailand · Oct. 15, 2014
... seared duck breast and grapefruit salad; yellow chicken and potato curry over jasmine rice; Creole-style blackened shrimp and grits.
San Diego Reader · Oct. 15, 2014
It’s a hearty, belly-warming blend of jasmine rice, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and peas swimming in a spicy yellow curry sauce... · 20 hours ago
... is giving more space on shelves to new, pricier grains, including basmati, Italian Arborio and Thai jasmine rice, along with quinoa, chia and...
Wall Street Journal · Oct. 14, 2014  Explore story »