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... and angst, but all seem to agree that our society values athletes more. ... The difference is the athlete can provide enjoyment to millions ...
Denver Post · 27 minutes ago
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PRWeb, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties ... or Capacitance, as well as secondary values such ... The look is the main difference between ...
KHQ Right Now · 17 hours ago  Explore story »
Using games designed with values-based objectives ... East Coast Park, “invading” the city with hopes to make a difference in the neighborhoods
City News · 16 hours ago
... or six years of age are often the best values. ... car is that the dealership will make more money. ... might not even see much of a ... · 21 hours ago
... details of the game – stick position, for example – that turn out to make a big difference. ... – like Corsi or Fenwick — that values ...
San Jose Mercury News · 23 hours ago
... basketball so much that their values mirrored and ... And if I can make a small difference in the lives of those families, and if I can help ...
NBA · 21 hours ago
... pick of less damaging examples to make the point ... plead the exceptionalism of "Asian values" or ... respond to these demands is the ...
South China Morning Post · 19 hours ago
... their religious beliefs and values. He denounced the indifference shown to the plight of these people by those who could make a difference in...
Daily Times · 25 hours ago
In cases where we feel moved to make a difference, we have too often engaged in "slacktivism ... These are values that your generation cultivated
Chicago Tribune · 30 hours ago
... public beach and shrinking lakeshore property values. ... But conservation, consistently applied over time, can make a difference, said Amy ... · 46 hours ago  Explore story »