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Seattle and Las Vegas make sense, if only to better align the western and eastern conferences ... That is more than a billion dollars just to get
Toronto Star Online · 55 minutes ago
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... militarization of our local cops has escalated in recent years, as billions of dollars worth of equipment is ... Something here doesn't make ...
Denver Post · 1 hour ago
Looking at paying over two million dollars is a ... makes complete sense that she would be worried about the welfare of the children and will make · 2 hours ago
110 million in 2014 dollars -- Coppola had ... of destiny or just chance that helped make the ... Vietnam] came to advise us, so in a sense it ...
Hollywood Reporter · 5 hours ago
Arizona moved to make it easier to carry guns ... In addition to the millions of dollars budgeted ... the Sandy Hook Educators for Gun Sense this ...
Washington Post · 26 minutes ago
"We've just thrown a lot of public dollars to make that happen. ... Film tax credits aren't tax credits in the conventional sense.
Los Angeles Times · 44 minutes ago
... is free, so it is not a huge scandal in that sense. ... them here and allow the reader to make up their ... interesting point that the ... · 36 minutes ago
... customers don’t have to make sense in the salesperson’s world; it only has to make sense in ... Salesperson: Ninety-nine dollars for three ...
Psychology Today · 8 hours ago
... of altruistic reasons, just out of common sense; ... Make the best quality of goods possible At ... s cyber-schools funnel public tax dollars ...
Huffington Post · 7 hours ago
... to go door to door to make sure everyone has a ... "Our country is spending millions of dollars on ... looking for animals." Invoking a bawdy ...
Chicago Tribune · 8 hours ago