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... in pulmonary function, this Phase 2 open-label ... the second dose-cohort, enrollment criteria were ... showed a mean FVC change of -0.14 ...
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Bill Haslam is keeping the door open to an ... available for pre-K expansion doesn’t mean the ... K classrooms around the state with an ...
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”  BASH: “Does that mean you’re going to ... of the letters will be sent in October, shortly before the next open-enrollment period begins.
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Related: What a GOP Senate would mean for committee ... It includes people who signed up during open enrollment and are still paying their premiums
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... of open enrollment begins. That is when Vermonters will pick their plans for 2015. The open ... the word “Edsel” has come to mean failure
Deerfield Valley News · Sep. 18, 2014
That does not mean the full ACA impact is double ... rather than being confined to an open enrollment period.  If Medicaid enrollment continued at · Sep. 18, 2014
... offered candidates the opportunity to open for ... however, said being equitable does not mean that ... with a staffing amount based on ...
Baltimore Sun · Sep. 18, 2014
That doesn't necessarily mean it will be easy to ... when open enrollment begins on Nov. 15. Look for them in early 2015, before open enrollment ...
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... of Inside Higher Ed: declining enrollment; ... was extremely nervous about what it would mean if ... two institutions, do both campuses ...
Inside Higher Ed · Sep. 18, 2014