News Search results: Who coined the name United States
... most popular fantasy basketball team name in the United States of America. Please, please do not name your ... thumb: if the person who coined ...
USA Today · 21 hours ago  Explore story »
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” The term was coined by Maryn ... news broke that the deadly disease was in the United States, he said ... “This African name that brought ... · 24 hours ago  Explore story »
‘80s." The word he's coined to ... cars, long before the name Tesla was ... he declined to specify which, indicated that the United States ...
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... bombarded with many coined Acronyms ... For example, in the United States of America, the Democratic Party ... stated these, SPLM as a ... · Oct. 27, 2014
The name of Mazrui to some of us has ... in which Prof Mazrui coined a word ... of these forces that stood against academic freedom in the United ... · Oct. 25, 2014
The flags fly the colors of the United States of America and of the ... His name is Andre Simons. ... "The term that we coined was 'targeted ...
Esquire · Oct. 24, 2014
... on the term "New Negro" coined by ... the economy and the white-man government of the United States for all ... with Charlie Wilson's name ...
Gawker · Oct. 24, 2014
... ultimately helped to liberalize publishing in the United States.[3][4 ... The term "Beatnik" was coined by ... 2, 1958, a portmanteau on the ... · Oct. 23, 2014
... to estates in his native Naples that he coined the name "Lewaro" in ... agents and cosmetologists journeyed from all over the United States and ...
Huffington Post · Oct. 22, 2014  Explore story »
Ecological economist Bob Costanza even coined a catchy name for it ... about the limits of such a strategy in the United States: Legal experts say
Grist Magazine · Oct. 22, 2014