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July 01, 2016
The mastermind of Tuesday’s Istanbul airport massacre appears to be a one-armed Chechen terrorist who trained Russian-speaking militants, had a l...More » · 1 hour ago
Loretta Lynch, the United States Attorney General, said on Friday that she will accept the recommendations of career prosecutors in a Justice Dep...More »
New York Times · 57 minutes ago
The family of the woman whose murder was at the center of the Serial podcast condemned the decision to grant the man convicted of the killing a n...More »
Time · 1 hour ago

Man killed by bear experienced in dangers of the w...

HELENA, Mont. –   The Montana man killed by a bear near Glacier National Park was intimately familia... More » · 1 hour ago · Explore story »


Boy, 8, reportedly found unconscious in cruise poo...

An 8-year-old boy was reportedly found unconscious in a swimming pool aboard the Royal Caribbean Ant... More » · 1 hour ago · Explore story »


Putrid algae overtakes Florida's south coast just ...

A pungent blue-green algal bloom overspreading Florida's south coast prompted the declaration of a s... More » · 3 hours ago · Explore story »

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DOJ lawyers ask for 2-year extension to produce Cl...

Lawyers this week said they were unable to satisfy a Freedom of Information Act request -- the deadl... More »

CNN · 2 hours ago · Explore story »


Airstrikes targeting ISIS given 'failing' grade

"I would give us a 5, which means we have a lot of work to do," Lt. Gen. Robert "Bob"... More »

CNN · 27 hours ago · Explore story »


Donald Trump Wants to Use 'Obsolete' NATO to Fight...

Donald Trump said that he would be open to using NATO forces to fight ISIS despite blasting the alli... More »

ABC News · 24 hours ago · Explore story »

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Palestinian kills Israeli, wounds family in West B...

RAMALLAH, West Bank – The army also imposed a closure on the Hebron district, a flashpoint area wher... More » · 1 hour ago · Explore story »


Navy report: Crews seized by Iran were 'derelict' ...

The crews of two U.S. Navy boats detained briefly by Iran in January were "derelict" in th... More »

USA Today · 24 hours ago · Explore story »


7/1/2016: World: EgyptAir black box data suggests ...

Investigators have downloaded data from one of the black box flight recorders on EgyptAir Flight MS8... More »

Hindustan Times · 20 hours ago · Explore story »

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Takeover News Drives the Market Higher

U.S. stocks closed higher, extending a rally into a third day as traders feel less anxious about Bri... More »

New York Times · 25 hours ago · Explore story »


Airbags in 2001 to 2003 Hondas Are the Most Danger...

Since people tend to keep our cars longer than we used to, there are still plenty of model year 2001... More »

Yahoo! Finance · 24 hours ago · Explore story »


Shastri living in fool's world, says angry Sourav ...

Kolkata, Jun 29 () The raging feud between two former Indian captains today turned uglier after Sour... More »

Times of India · 38 hours ago · Explore story »

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First Trailer of Tom Hanks as Capt. Sully Released

The first trailer of "Sully" — Clint Eastwood's film about Capt. Chesley "Sully"... More »

ABC News · 30 hours ago · Explore story »

Lincoln Memorial Singer Stuns World With Impromptu...

An impromptu performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" by a woman visiting the Lincoln Mem... More » · 31 hours ago · Explore story »


Michigan football players re-enact Lion King's 'Ci...

A very important ceremony took place on Wednesday inside the trainer's room at Michigan's Schembechl... More » · 31 hours ago · Explore story »

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Giggs 'Set to Leave' Manchester United

LONDON — Ryan Giggs has rejected an offer to stay at Manchester United and is ready to end his assoc... More »

New York Times · 36 hours ago · Explore story »


Neymar close to deal to stay with Barcelona

Your teams. Your favorite writers. Wherever you want them. Personalize SI with our new App. Install ... More » · 26 hours ago · Explore story »


Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps aim for one more Ol...

By , OMAHA — They swam Friday morning in separate heats, Michael Phelps first, Ryan Lochte next, sep... More »

Washington Post · 2 hours ago · Explore story »

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Science & Tech

BMW says it will deliver self-driving car by 2021

Germany luxury automaker BMW said Friday that it would introduce a fully self-driving car by 2021 af... More »

USA Today · 2 hours ago · Explore story »


Apple says Spotify wants 'preferential treatment' ...

Reports surfaced yesterday that Spotify's counsel Horacio Gutierrez sent a letter to Apple last week... More »

Engadget · 2 hours ago · Explore story »


The sounds of Juno approaching Jupiter are totally...

The new data on Jupiter keeps getting weirder and more wonderful as NASA's Juno spacecraft approache... More » · 1 hour ago · Explore story »

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Is any cookie dough safe to eat?

Don't worry, America, the government's kibosh on raw cookie dough isn't as gut-wrenching as it seems... More »

USA Today · 26 hours ago · Explore story »


What is SPF? Your sunscreen, explained

You slather on sunscreen all summer, but do you know what that SPF number actually means? Here's a b... More » · 1 hour ago · Explore story »


Protein that protects tumour cells associated with...

A family of proteins that help cancer cells survive and spread around the body may be associated wit... More »

Medical News Today · 29 hours ago · Explore story »

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