News Search results: A Pretext for War
... top religious leaders, were raising slogans warning that secular Europe was fanning war of civilisations on the pretext of freedom of speech.
The News International · Jan. 23, 2015
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... press can't win that war. The scientific community can't win that war. ... Elizabeth May is allowed or something -- some sort of pretext that ... · 21 hours ago
Forces.” In reality, the latest war in Iraq has nothing to do with combating “terrorism.” The initial pretext for the war, that it was...
World Socialist Web Site · 46 hours ago
AFP CAIRO -- A bitter tug-of-war between Islamists vying for power and influence was behind this ... “Hassi is just a pretext for both the sides.
China Post · 29 hours ago  Explore story »
Obama pressed forward on the path of confrontation with Russia and China, which will lead, unless stopped very soon, to World War III.
Executive Intelligence Review · 31 hours ago
... using the country's ongoing fight against Ebola as a "pretext" for not ... of Conde "to avoid Guinea plunging into a civil war" after more than ...
Yahoo! News · 28 hours ago
... is subjected to military-police intervention under the pretext of drug ... The cops ( los pacos ) are armed for war, but it’s a war against ...
Upside Down World · 30 hours ago
... on homes that killed hundreds of civilians during last year's Gaza war. ... evidence that the crackdown and "rescue mission" were a pretext to ...
The Nation - Thailand · 33 hours ago
Resolution 1701 which the Lebanese take as a pretext to withdraw the ... more than any time in the four tough years of the Syrian war that it has
Al Intiqad · 38 hours ago  Explore story »
... new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” it was ... ISIS, but to use the fictional front as a pretext to further intervene ...
PrisonPlanet · 40 hours ago