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... see in Yemen." In Yemen, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has ... Beheading of Kafirs (in Arabic, a slur to describe non-believers) is ...
Executive Intelligence Review · 41 minutes ago
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Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or, in Arabic, al Sham, meaning ... who in the 7th century rode out of the Arabian Peninsula to conquer the
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It is inspired by the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, where the most ... shifted to Al Hasabi collection in 2014 which in Arabic means “precious
The Gulf Today · 11 hours ago
... the 'missing link' between Nabatean and Arabic writing he added. This discovery which is important to the history of the Arabian Peninsula and...
MENAFN · 40 hours ago
The Sabaeans originated in what is now Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula. An ancient people, they speak a pre-Arabic language and have been linked...
Pravda · Aug. 26, 2014
... with yellow piping on the sleeves and “Palestine” in Arabic on the back ... B.C. to be the main trade conduit between the Arabian Peninsula ...
The Hindu · Aug. 26, 2014  Explore story »
Yemen and the Saudi fight against communism on the Arabian Peninsula in ... ” (in Arabic), al-Masdar Online, 18 July 2014. [2] “ The General
Epoch Times · Aug. 26, 2014
... game was to usher in British domination of the Arabian lands for many ... We say many things in Arabic and pray in Arabic whereas we could ... · Aug. 25, 2014
... opening up to foreign investments also boosted recovery, Arabic business portal ... The likely opening of the Saudi Arabian stock market to ...
MENAFN · Aug. 24, 2014