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The ballet of office chairs in the Elevator Repair Service's MCA performance of "Arguendo" … Watching 74-year-old jazz great Roy Ayers bask...
Chicago Tribune · 28 hours ago
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Perhaps Sony does hope to be “denounced” after all? Arguendo, let us suppose that the e-mail does, in fact, contain a genuine threat.
National Review · Dec. 17, 2014
"Rather, we decide only that, even assuming arguendo the School Board could invoke Tinker in this case, it would not afford the School Board a...
Education Week · Dec. 15, 2014
... in contempt.” Not a principled outcome “[T]he exclusion of Dr. Friedman’s testimony, even assuming, arguendo, that it was allowed under...
Michigan Lawyers Weekly · Dec. 13, 2014
I will simply accept it arguendo (“for the sake of argument”). Nevertheless, one might wonder why we should endorse it?
Disinformation · Dec. 10, 2014