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... as a clear "signal of intent" that she is considering standing in a future leadership contest on a Blairite ticket.While Tony Blair himself is...
Big News Network · Jan. 25, 2015
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One former Blairite minister told me that the former health secretary's behaviour amounted to "treachery".
New Statesman · Jan. 30, 2015
Key points - Nick Clegg, David Cameron and ministers hold a series of regional visits to promote Local Growth Deals - Ed Miliband pledges a Labour
BBC · Jan. 29, 2015
One, to make sure Labour "honours the past reforms of the Labour government, honours the Blairite years".Secondly, he says, the intervention...
BBC · Jan. 28, 2015
But unlike the Blairite practices of most social democratic parties in the west, Syriza is a step in the right direction. · Jan. 29, 2015
... on the Labour-run Welsh NHS casting doubts upon the party's trustworthiness on health, now its Blairite past is persistently coming back to...
New Statesman · Jan. 27, 2015  Explore story »
... cabinet ministers fear that whoever succeeded Miliband would struggle to avoid a major split (particularly were a "Blairite" candidate elected).
New Statesman · Jan. 26, 2015
... was eclipsed by hostile noises-off from Blairite former Cabinet ministers and advisers, led by Alan Milburn, who questioned the dominant role...
Big News Network · 30 hours ago
Mr Milburn also joined forces with another former Blairite minister, John Hutton, to attack Ed Miliband and Ed Balls for failing to defend New...
Big News Network · Jan. 29, 2015
Daily Mail Monday 26th January, 2015 The Leicester West MP is a member of a 'breakfast club' quartet of frontbenchers along with shadow business
Big News Network · Jan. 26, 2015