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... ya so' of the day, Shane Jones edition , No Right Turn in Good riddance , and Martyn Bradbury in The blue collar cred smoko room mythology of...
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... unlike the bulk of his colleagues, Jones could reach into segments of the vote - especially blue-collar males - who have switched off Labour.
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... disarming lawful gun owners 04/10/2014 Senator Rand Paul: Amnesty 04/09/2014 Senator Rand Paul: Blue collar displacement 04/09/2014 Senator...
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... have to microwave her veggies ("Holistic Shannon is not happy to zap her potatoes!"), but she and "blue-collar" husband David crabbed at one...
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... to roll off the assembly line in a former recreational vehicle factory in Lancaster, California, a blue-collar desert community north of Los...
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... based in Wolfsburg, Germany, wanted to introduce a German-style works council at the plant to represent both salaried and blue-collar workers.
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"When we spoke to our landlord later, there was nothing available anymore." Kitchener, historically the blue-collar twin to the university...
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That vocal support from blue-collar workers complicates efforts by environmentalists to limit drilling.
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"You kind of grew up with that notion of blue-collar people sticking together," said Galiazzo, who works at a nonprofit.
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