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He would reminisce about taking the trolley to old Shibe Park to watch the A's, managed by the legendary Connie Mack. · 2 hours ago
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... on top of the world, if not quite his profession, ending his career third on the all-time wins list, behind only Connie Mack and John McGraw. · 17 hours ago
On September 16, 1927, A's owner-manager Connie Mack testified in a Philadelphia court against one of his own fans: 26-year-old Harry Donnelly... · 17 hours ago
(Connie Mack's 1908 Philadelphia A's hit .223 in the dead ball era.) They came out of May hitting .210 and have looked slightly dangerous... · 18 hours ago
... while the Los Angeles Times characterized it as an "attitude problem." Playing American Legion and Connie Mack League baseball that summer... · 19 hours ago
Back in 1915, the year Connie Mack started disassembling the powerful Athletics team that had won four of the previous five American League... · Dec. 14, 2014
Connie Mack Berry meant nothing to me before this season.
News Sentinel · Dec. 12, 2014
George Stanley and I have been going to baseball games together since Connie Mack put away his catcher's mitt. · Dec. 11, 2014