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Dr. Harrington: Was this a controlled experiment? Dr. Califf: I am 1 subject with 2 devices. I would call that controlled.
Medscape · 5 hours ago
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Google ended its three-year experiment with Google Authorship yesterday, but ... tightly with Google+, as a step to create a Google-controlled ...
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"That meant launching the experiment in an area that could potentially ... kilometers), it exploded and the payload's descent was controlled by a · 1 hour ago
... requiring great care in shielding the experiment from external ... points out that the combination of two independently controlled Rydberg-EIT · 5 hours ago
Ebola before the outbreak in West Africa is controlled, and curbing the ... reads: A mall with two minimum wages provides a real-world experiment.
Washington Post · 9 hours ago
... the dispute threaten to derail Washington’s big experiment in legal ... state’s law is not pre-empted by the federal Controlled Substances ...
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-- lets us dream. They experiment, they try things. The watch is one thing. ... are playing here, we have artificial intelligence controlled ...
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To that end, Jayne Wilkins of Arizona State University and her colleagues recently conducted a controlled experiment aimed at gauging the...
Scientific American · 45 hours ago  Explore story »
LGs webOS TV is controlled through a horizontal launcher at the bottom ... “I see this as a failed experiment for LG,” said a former team
GigaOM · 34 hours ago
But Bush and the GOP-controlled Legislature created other voucher ... willing to accept the program when it was an "experiment" but its continued
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