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DOI Not Found 10.1038/nature13205 This DOI cannot be found in the DOI System. Possible reasons are: The DOI is incorrect in your source.
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Na, K-ATPase molecules, as indicated by lowered Vmax values, are probably responsible for the deteriorated efflux of the excessive Na+ from...
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... the UGT1A9-mediated glucuronidation of luteolin and the kinetics of luteolin glucuronide efflux." The news correspondents obtained a quote...
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The protein confers resistance by mediating the ATP-dependent efflux of an astonishing array of anticancer drugs." The news reporters obtained... · Apr. 16, 2014
In addition, P123-DOPE can inhibit breast cancer resistance protein (BCPR) mediated CPT-11 efflux in drug resistant MCF-7/BCRP breast cancer... · Apr. 16, 2014  Explore story »
... of extracellular calcium an 'Enhanced Calcium Efflux' mechanism in which high dose paclitaxel stimulated calcium efflux immediately, leading...
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