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... sector underscore our own principles of delivering housing with quality, value and integrity," said Kofi Bonner, President of Lennar Urban.
Yahoo! Finance · Nov. 24, 2014  Explore story »
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... urban kind of concept – rather different from a typical outlet center,” Lennar San Francisco division president Kofi Bonner told the Chron. · Nov. 19, 2014  Explore story »
... where we could kick off, in the appropriate manner, the Candlestick piece of our development," Kofi Bonner, president of Lennar’s San...
BusinessWeek · Nov. 17, 2014  Explore story »
Kofi Bonner, president of Lennar's San Francisco division said the development, which is adjacent to the waterfront views of Candlestick Point...
San Jose Mercury News · Nov. 18, 2014  Explore story »