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... by murder or imprisonment any ... never know security and normal life for ... Perhaps slower than in apartheid South Africa, the Soviet ...
Palestine Chronicle · 29 hours ago  Explore story »
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27 years of imprisonment, Mandela refused to condemn his jailers and went on to lead South Africa out of ... from Mandela's extraordinary life.
Chicago Tribune · 36 hours ago
... that allow for the imprisonment of ... intimacy was punishable by life in ... South Africa may be the sole exception, with nearly half of the ...
Shanghai Daily · Aug. 27, 2014  Explore story »
... penalty increases to imprisonment for any term up to and including life. ... worse instances of Apartheid than we witnessed in South ... · Aug. 27, 2014
... he once turned down a lucrative gig to South Africa because he opposed ... ideologies." That means he will sentence you to life imprisonment ...
Sydney Morning Herald · Aug. 25, 2014  Explore story »
... the choice was between imprisonment for ... about politics: we were all discovering ourselves in the battle of life as we knew it in South ...
Mail & Guardian Online · Aug. 25, 2014
... legal” to be gay, this would probably be: 1.     South Africa 2 ... by death or imprisonment in parts of ... homosexuality is a way of ...
Mail & Guardian Online · Aug. 23, 2014
... to remember how precarious life is ... Israel's use of imprisonment as a ... in apartheid South Africa and the cruel humiliation of the Jim ...
Huffington Post · Aug. 22, 2014
On appeal, his sentence was increased from 35 years to life imprisonment. ... trials in places like the US, Europe and South Africa, the public
Huffington Post · Aug. 21, 2014