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We live in a time of unprecedented material abundance and security. ... to save the hundreds of thousands massacred in Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Iraq, ...
The Nation Pakistan · 4 hours ago
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... month, he was so excited about the car’s arrival, he live-tweeted the ... Herjavec, whose family fled Communist-controlled Yugoslavia with ...
Wired News · 36 hours ago
... was compelled to capture the Balkans, mainly Yugoslavia and Greece ... “I am sorry because I am getting old and I shall not live long to ...
Greekcity · 29 hours ago
Special Report: For nearly seven decades, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has fed into growing Mideast extremism, now including hyper-violent
Consortium News · 35 hours ago
... the capital city of Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia, a disputed ... What was that like trying to live a normal life in the midst of war?
Chestnut Hill Local · 37 hours ago
After that, Yugoslavia broke apart, unleashing a wave of bloodshed in ... in Colorado than schnitzel in Germany.’ He told me I live in the Cold
Stars and Stripes · 42 hours ago
We who live in the industrialized world have put up a large retaining wall ... that previously appeared to be “civilized,” like Yugoslavia in ...
Institute for Policy Studies · Oct. 23, 2014
India, Iran, Netherlands, Peru, Sweden, Uruguay and Yugoslavia. ... of either a bi-national state in which Arabs would also live or a smaller state
Consortium News · Oct. 23, 2014
Detroit), drug wars in Colombia and beyond, Kosovo, Yugoslavia in the ... by the 99% of the world’s population destined to live in abject poverty
Global Research · Oct. 23, 2014