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England Journal of Medicine . "We propose that Congress quit doing the tobacco industry's bidding, citizens quit subsidizing cheap military...
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It’s also pushing military medicine to find better ways to accommodate such a large ... was featured in the New England Journal of Medicine in
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... study of nearly 200,000 older military veterans ... online Wednesday in the journal Neurology, adds ... at Emory University School of ...
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The British medical journal Lancet had a very ... It’s why, of course, long before there was a military attack, baby food, medicine, all kinds of · 13 hours ago
... piece in the current New England Journal of Medicine : Is It Time for a Tobacco-free Military?) for eliminating tobacco use on military bases...
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2014 This week, Friday Feedback takes a look at a New England Journal of Medicine article that calls for the U.S. military to reject smokers...
MedPage Today · 25 hours ago
... workshop is to help heal military personnel ... Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Oprah’s O ... Psychiatry , Alternative medicine , ...
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... including a 2012 UCLA study in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggests that the concept ... than 270,000 members of the military have
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The gay lobby has taken over the military, the police, the courts, the schools, medicine, the ... on August 6, 2012, in a journal I’d never heard
American Thinker · Jul. 09, 2014