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... the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety studied common types of voice-recognition software that commonly come pre-installed in new vehicles.
ABC News 4 Charleston · 17 hours ago
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PCs with odd descriptions like “Windows 7 Professional 64 pre-installed (available through ... showed a better way to distribute software than
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GB-BXBT-1900 Specifications The BXBT-1900 kit doesn't come with any pre-installed OS, but does ... AES operations have to be done in software.
AnandTech · 13 hours ago
There are probably a dozen globally known software providers ... If I need a checklist of pre-installed things (IDOL 10, etc.) it’s a turnoff.
CRM Guru · 15 hours ago
... the phone with a stripped-down, custom version of Android, Amazon limited Fire users to a small app store and its own pre-installed software.
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