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... including Macau and Hong Kong), Malaysia, Ireland, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand ... These include the privatization of services needed by the ...
Korea Herald · Jul. 02, 2014  Explore story »
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... based on principles to promote privatization meeting requirements of the economy of resistance outlined by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, Iran's...
BusinessWeek · Jun. 29, 2014
Meanwhile another Islamic context, Iran, is the setting for nothing less ... no personal or reserved space is left for the privatization of faith.
Open Democracy · 34 hours ago
  It also encourages greater privatization and increased exports of ... Interest in Iran as a destination for business is growing ahead of the
Tehran Times · Jul. 01, 2014
5) the predatory corporate privatization schemes that did the same; ... history of supporting fascist dictators in nations like Iran, South Korea
Global Research · Jul. 02, 2014
... an obvious precursor to launching war against Syria’s foremost ally Iran. ... Through the process of globalization and privatization , a ...
Global Research · Jun. 30, 2014