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... before the drunken homophobic, anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic racist rants ... 600 books, CDs and videos, and has material translated into 18 ... · Jul. 21, 2014
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... only in Hebrew and in no other ancient Semitic language.” The tower of Babel pre-dates all of the ancient Semitic languages, yet there is no... · Jul. 18, 2014
... middle east, is pronounced the same--either cat or pus (pishk) in Indo European, Semitic languages, Hamitic, Basque, and other languages. · Jul. 14, 2014  Explore story »
... is to keep in mind that this book is ancient Semitic literature, not ... I gradually learned to read and love the original languages in ...
America Magazine · Jul. 15, 2014
... thesis, “Explorations in the History of the Semitic Component of Yiddish ... from the speech of French and Italian Jews whose languages ...
Forward · Jul. 13, 2014
... all humanity pray: "To Alef, the letter that begins the alphabets of both Arabic and Hebrew - two Semitic languages, sisters for centuries.
Kashmir Times · Jul. 21, 2014