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It wasn't a cakewalk for Eaton, because you can't fairly describe a two-day ordeal featuring ten disparate events -- from the 100 to the 400... · 2 hours ago
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Bobby Hull: And then after beating Montreal we said, we don't care who's waiting. It was just a cakewalk from then on. · 3 hours ago
... had had much the tougher semifinal, an attritional two hours against South Korea as opposed to a 6-0 cakewalk against Uzbekistan, but it was... · 4 hours ago
... epic challenge at Stanford on December 30. But what Baylor proved on Tuesday night is that it's not going to be a cakewalk to another title. · 4 hours ago
That game is no cakewalk for the Huskies. • I'm not big on correlating performance in the conference tournament with the NCAA tournament. · 4 hours ago
... last 24 hours, I've heard or read some expert describe the Southeast as the easiest of the four regions and an obvious cakewalk for Pittsburgh. · 4 hours ago
Kentucky at Florida, Tuesday, 7 p.m. A week ago, this would have looked like a Florida cakewalk, but now I'm not so sure. · 4 hours ago
And yet: does this result mean Barcelona will now cakewalk its way to the Wembley final in May? Not necessarily. · 5 hours ago
No cakewalk, but much easier. · 5 hours ago
... the Broncos and Patriots to both lock up first-round byes in the playoffs with wins – though I doubt it'll be a cakewalk for either of them.
NWI Times · 2 hours ago