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The Sixth Circuit did not need to reach the federalism question in ... crimes law is meant to effectuate — and the real-world consequences of its
Washington Post · 12 hours ago
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They are:1) Democracy, 2) Secularism and 3) Federalism. ... may not travel beyond its territory but which can mirror the whole world is possible if · 13 hours ago
While New Delhi and Beijing are the hubs for government in India and China, some key policy decisions are now being formulated and implemented by
AsiaSource · 23 hours ago
The US continues to view the Arab world as plagued by religious and ... extremist movements like the Islamic State and that federalism is again
Jordan Times · 33 hours ago
... the Middle East and how America and the Western world should concretely ... the Iraqi government so it can address issues such as federalism ... · 40 hours ago
... standing alone against the dark forces of federalism and centralization ... Development, is former director general of the World Trade ...
Japan Times · 46 hours ago  Explore story »
... is to make Ethiopia one of the destinations for tourism in the world. ... Zenawi to come and organize an international conference on ...
TMC Net · 26 hours ago
... go-lucky persona that he so likes to present to the world and less of ... have given up his job or conceded defeat for federalism without a ...
Toronto Star Online · Aug. 30, 2014
... an army that he likened to Nazi invaders during World War II, and the ... barely two weeks after activists calling for more federalism in ...
Washington Post · Aug. 29, 2014  Explore story »