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You can recall every obscure song lyric, but you can’t find your car keys or remember why you went upstairs. Welcome to the aging brain.
Atlanta Magazine · 4 hours ago
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... been working on retinal imaging as a test for the degenerative brain disease, which is a growing scourge wherever there's an aging population.
The Register · Jul. 14, 2014
... a growing body of literature that suggests keeping the brain busy keeps ... by researchers at the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging suggests that ...
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... points like the high level of Medicine, a high aging of the population ... simposium on molecular images in the study of the brain, held in the
Prensa Latina · 4 hours ago
... the skeletal frame, and also brings oxygen and blood flow to the brain," she said. Keeping active helps make aging easier for everyone, not... · 5 hours ago  Explore story »
I want to know I will be accepted as an equal." Aging early, out of ... him his carotid artery, connecting his heart to his brain, is working at 15 · 5 hours ago
According to the researchers this makes the brain more susceptible to diseases. Hence, this insight into the normal aging process could also...
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... which include deep brain stimulation, transcranial magnetic brain ... of neurostimulation devices for multiple applications, an aging ...
Sacramento Bee · 9 hours ago  Explore story »
Indeed, there is even a phenomena that takes place within the brain after extended use. I need and "L" shape! · 14 hours ago
... has linked vitamin D deficiency to increased bone aging , higher risk ... that imbalances of chemical reactions in the brain, genetics and
Medical News Today · 17 hours ago  Explore story »