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In another experiment, a group of some of our young employees developed ... heading toward an asteroid called Ceres. That's the largest asteroid ...
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... consortium of the rich and powerful to train a group of young people for ... a conflict involving Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt ...
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... peers in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, a hardcore group of a ... of the ones that land on Earth come from the asteroid belt, between ...
Jiangsu Net · Dec. 23, 2014
... its second robotic voyage to bring back samples from an asteroid. ... Another group released the genomes of 3,000 rice varieties.
Nature · Dec. 24, 2014
... extinction is the only one that coincides with an asteroid impact, he ... The Princeton group will return to India in January to collect more
Space Daily · Dec. 23, 2014
US The 12th NASA SBAG (Small Bodies Assessment Group) meeting will be ... with the Conference on Spacecraft Reconnaissance of Asteroid and Comet
SpaceRef · Dec. 22, 2014
... dates and location were selected in coordination with the Conference on Spacecraft Reconnaissance of Asteroid and Comet Interiors, AstroRecon...
SpaceRef · Dec. 22, 2014
... a fuel processing facility on an asteroid is hard. Way hard. The kind of hard that takes some serious coin and a very patient group of ...
Time · Dec. 22, 2014
... for any such mission.  In order for the Asteroid Retrieval Mission ... the Mars Affordability and Sustainability working group (which report
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... of for 28 years —was as likely as “an asteroid hitting the earth ... One of the reasons McVie left the group was her intense dislike of ...
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