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... titles: 1 (1905) League titles: 4 Undefeated seasons: 3 10-win seasons: 5 Losing seasons: 3 Bo Schembechler 50th birthday: April 1, 1979... · 36 hours ago  Explore story »
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19. FB Connor Neighbors - If you think fullbacks aren’t important in this system, then you don’t know Bo . . . Schembechler, that is. · Jul. 08, 2014
Bo Schembechler. I was polite, but understandably short with Coach Schembechler. I then went back to the dinner table, very nervous about Bo... · Jul. 07, 2014
... of the interior, you get a good view of the outside from above, including the new statue of Bo Schembechler in front of the main entrance. · Jul. 02, 2014
... downhill running style that should have head coach Jim Harbaugh —an unashamed disciple of Michigan legend Bo Schembechler —salivating.
Times Union · 2 hours ago