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... seen on Dec. 27, 2003. (Credit: Joel Cairo) NEW HYDE PARK Closed pub's auction fails to land buyer The closed Dublin Pub is without a buyer, a...
Newsday · Jul. 08, 2014
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Credit the laws of supply and demand. A tightening availability of homes for sale, coupled with growing buyer interest continues to push prices up.
BusinessWeek · Jul. 02, 2014
... which is taxed at 10 per cent, in order to claim a fake GST credit. ... that Kukulka revealed to him that his industry buyer was prominent ...
Sydney Morning Herald · 1 hour ago  Explore story »
With the right tools and methods, the informed buyer can be sure of getting a good deal, even ... Sometimes they can beat a credit union or bank.
Los Angeles Times · 2 hours ago
Q: What would you credit your continuing growth to? ... A: A friend of mine knew Alberto Oliveros, the buyer from Level Shoe District, and I asked
Gulf News · 16 minutes ago
... with your credit history, clean them up now if you can. A higher credit ... Plus, you won’t lose out to another buyer because you have to ...
Seattle Times · 11 hours ago
(Credit: iStock) The U.S. Treasury Department has just given a tax ... longevity" plans kick in with guaranteed income when the buyer turns, say
Newsday · 17 hours ago
... breakup plan, so it must find a single strong, viable buyer that can make ... Mexico with few opportunities for cost savings, Credit Suisse ...
Washington Post · 12 hours ago  Explore story »
Scott Rabinowitz, Partner and Media Buyer at ... While they're quick to claim credit for Google's recent decision (they blogged a
Daily Beast · 14 hours ago
"Capturing that first-time buyer, that lower credit quality customer," he said, is not likely to increase the size of the mortgage market in...
National Mortgage News · 23 hours ago