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Smart, Don’t Smoke message is a very engaging approach, using modern rap/urban poetry to tell a very emotive story, using sound effects to...
Warwickshire Web · Jan. 21, 2015
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As her direct, vulnerable lyrics and eccentrically emotive vocals plumb the depths of her heartbreak and the death of her family, the...
Simcoe Times-Reformer · 2 hours ago  Explore story »
Why erase the slightest possibility of an emotive free – personal decision being the cause of the action or even may be the action is...
Sangai Express · 8 hours ago
... that four peers would return to lobby for what many have dubbed a Snoopers' Charter – a term which Lord West claimed was "emotive claptrap".
The Register · 11 hours ago
That's the tough part: picking out something that hasn't been said in that way before and is emotive and thought-provoking.
Northern Daily Leader · 11 hours ago  Explore story »
Bobbing her head - and high bouffant/pompadour/ponytail - she painstakingly pronounced each coolly emotive word in the slow, steady "To a... · 9 hours ago
... has a sentimental flavor that has reminded some viewers of "Forrest Gump," with straightforward filmmaking that seems deliberately emotive.
Los Angeles Times · 12 hours ago
They are hugely engaging and surprisingly emotive.
VietNamNet Bridge · 16 hours ago
... students by race * Company has 36,000 students across South Africa * Race in schools remains emotive issue By David Dolan JOHANNESBURG, Jan 30...
Reuters UK · 40 hours ago  Explore story »
... sound than we'd heard before, but Spiral Arms finds Ewan Smith melting back into the kind of emotive moods that characterised his earlier work.
Resident Advisor · 37 hours ago