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... his music—the largely tranquil instrumental to February's "Bump in the Night" belies Leone's emotive lyrics about senseless street violence.
Chicago Reader · 1 hour ago
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Kalinsky’s documentary, The Ma’alot Massacre – The Untold Story of Fasuta, makes for emotive viewing from start to finish.
Jerusalem Post · 2 hours ago
... have written to Rouhani in recent months to demand that police better enforce wearing of the veil, an emotive issue in the Islamic republic.
Yahoo! News · 4 hours ago  Explore story »
Clarke Carlisle says the entire issue is "incredibly emotive". · 4 hours ago  Explore story »
... emphasized: "If you look in the community, in psychiatry and in medicine generally, there is a very strong emotive argument made by many, many...
Medscape · 14 minutes ago
“Because I’m so emotive and I’m looking at myself so young and so ignorant of time and so unaware that the world moves, changes.
Hanna Herald · 6 hours ago  Explore story »
Moultrie is known for a very distinctive style that dancers love: bold moves contrasting with small, intricate but emotive gestures.
West End Word · 8 hours ago
Emotive allegations that the police were in some way colluding with these elements are simply not borne out by the facts.
South China Morning Post · 11 hours ago
Shinzo Abe, whose government suffered a blow on Monday when two ministers resigned and who has made the emotive issue a priority, said the...
Reuters UK · 12 hours ago  Explore story »