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Illustration: Easter Don Aycock tells the story of Menelik II, who was the Emperor of Ethiopia from 1889 until 1913: "News of a successful...
Crosswalk · 2 hours ago
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... campaigns by Emperor Haile Selassie to grant a federal constitution between Ethiopia and Eritrea with the full understanding that Ethiopia... · Apr. 18, 2014  Explore story »
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Rachel thinks it’s in Ethiopia. ... Once they’ve impressed the Emperor, they’ll get the next clue.
Starpulse · Apr. 14, 2014  Explore story »
... the emperor's palace, where Robinson first met Emperor Haile Selassie. The palace, which Selassie donated to the University of Ethiopia after a...
Sun Herald · Apr. 12, 2014
After expelling the Italians from Ethiopia, the British army had looted 80 per cent of equipment Italians had installed in Ethiopia.
Daily Trust · Apr. 10, 2014
” Interpretation: Israelites must return to Ethiopia: Israel shall be ... Comply with the terms of Emperor Haile Selassie I’s Constitution and
Birmingham Times · Apr. 17, 2014
The then newspaper of the Emperor times, Sendek Alamachin, Yezareitu Ethiopia, Ye Ethiopia Dimts, Wotaderna Almawu, Menen, Tsedey Magazine and... · Apr. 14, 2014
The historic hotel was constructed and opened during the reign of Emperor Haileselassie. The Emperor inaugurated the Hotel on November 3, 1969... · Apr. 14, 2014