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... in Ethiopia could then be considered a holy bloodline of “God’s chosen people,” essentially making them African Jews. Emperor of Ethiopia...
Denver Post · 22 hours ago
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1848 - Austria's Emperor Ferdinand I abdicates in favor of Franz Joseph I. 1851 ... 1950 - United Nations agrees to hand over Eritrea to Ethiopia.
New Zealand Herald · Nov. 24, 2014
Haile Gebrselassie is the most famous man in Ethiopia. ... For the "emperor of Ethiopian athletics", coffee farming is a fairly recent venture, but
BBC · Nov. 21, 2014
... it takes a revolution to make a solution." When Mussolini invaded a defenseless Ethiopia, His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie reminded the...
NY1 · 42 hours ago
... tribes of Israel” in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Japan, the ... and the sixth century Church of St. Mary built by the emperor Justinian.
Dissident Voice · Nov. 25, 2014
... a major historical event took place in Ethiopia. 60 former high-ranking officials of Emperor Haile Selassie, most all of the emperor's cabinet... · Nov. 24, 2014
He said the then Ethiopia was associated with, "anti-democracy, war ... Emperor Menelik granted permission to Alfred Ilg, a Swiss engineer, to · Nov. 24, 2014
... a few of the miseries and ordeals a woman in Ethiopia undergoes to live ... Emperor Haile Selassie, by putting heavy emphasis on the title ... · Nov. 18, 2014
Following the death of his daughter, Emperor Hailesellaise I gave personal holdings for the establishment of the Black Lion Hospital in the... · Nov. 16, 2014