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... a speech on Saturday evening to kick off a debate on the future functioning of the federation. He says Australia needs a more rational system...
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... the Federation is not something that one person, one party or one Parliament can achieve. The challenge for Australia, in debating Federation...
Northern Daily Leader · 16 hours ago
... businessman, administrator and author David Hill has published a new history tracing Australia from its European beginnings to Federation.
ABC Online · Oct. 22, 2014
The State Secretary of the Australia Nursing Federation, Lisa Fitzpatrick says that regional hospitals are not prepared for the Ebola virus.
ABC Online · Oct. 15, 2014
... s best live events to Australia's best destinations. "All such negotiations are commercial-in-confidence." Football Federation Australia has...
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Minister Tony Abbott is putting down about reforming the federation. ... included New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, deserved a "fair
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Football Federation Australian had banned clubs from signing ... the NRL by Victoria Bitter and Wild Turkey and Cricket Australia by CUB, Victoria
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