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... on relatively the short period of the Third Reich. But a new exhibition at the British Museum looks back at 600 years of German history and how...
CNN Money · Nov. 24, 2014
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... happened, the Third Reich's Law on the Revocation of Naturalisations and the Deprivation of German Citizenship (July 14, 1933) deprived German...
Al Jazeera · Nov. 24, 2014
... been applied retroactively: The arrival of German Jewish refugees—novelists, scientists, scholars, composers—during the Third Reich was a...
Weekly Standard · Nov. 21, 2014
The hubristic drive of Hitler and the Third Reich for global power left the German masses bombed, disembodied and shattered.
Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday · Nov. 21, 2014
You see Wilhelm was German and served in the submarine service of the Third Reich. Against all odds, he survived.
Courier Tribune · Nov. 20, 2014
... of the Third Reich banned the works of Kurt Weill and other Jewish composers because they thought they were not "German" enough).
Huffington Post · Nov. 18, 2014
... in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and “Enemies of the State.” It is “based on newly-discovered, secret documents from German... · Nov. 16, 2014
... fact that the video seems to suggest that she’s the leader of a totalitarian dictatorship that’s eerily similar to the German Third Reich.
Swathmore College Phoenix · Nov. 20, 2014
During Adolph Hitler's reign, German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda Paul Joseph Goebbels brilliantly employed the notion that if...
Sulphur Southwest Daily News · Nov. 19, 2014
... at least in Germany, that the struggle is considered one for world power between the expanding German Reich, which already has wiped out the...
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner · Nov. 16, 2014