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... a CNN interview with her brother and two other Americans who are being held in North Korea shows her brother’s health deteriorating rapidly.
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... more, and lost more body fat mass," said researcher Dr. Tian Hu, a doctoral fellow at Tulane University School of Public Health in New Orleans.
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In a statement released Monday after Bae gave a brief news conference in North Korea with other detained Americans, Terri Chung of Edmonds, · 3 hours ago  Explore story »
By , Veterans who have been waiting for months to see a primary-care doctor at the Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System can visit one of the
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... taxi operators here have teamed up with the authorities to help their cabbies keep better tabs on their health as they navigate long hours on...
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In addition to other obligations, the county's health care assistance program would experience about a $6 million deficit in fiscal year 2016...
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... health care," said Paul E. Tesluk, chairman of the University at Buffalo's department of organization and human resources. Spending on health...
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Researchers defined moderate consumption according to the World Health Organization standards of .02 L for women and .03 L for men, not more...
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Lab technicians would get priority, followed by international health workers, followed by locals health workers and so on," said Castilla...
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... health care system could be a difficult prescription to fill for the next governor, given Massachusetts' rocky effort to merge its 2006 health...
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