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... moved to safe zones, according to the city's health and social welfare councillor. BusinessDay also reports from Namibia where the authorities... · 3 hours ago
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Macroscelides micus was discovered in the remote deserts of Namibia. ... to uncover the importance of these species to the health of our natural · 3 hours ago  Explore story »
08 December 2014 The Continent: Namibia will vote in Africa's first electronic ... a group of 30 health workers from the UK's National Health ...
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To test the theory, researchers examined rural and urban population from one ethnic group—the Ovahimba people of Namibia in southwestern Africa.
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... in Marburg, Germany and the University of Namibia demonstrate that the ... and middle-income countries, according to the World Health ...
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Mpasi, 80, died from chronic illness at Nkurenkuru Health Centre in ... tribe, not only for the Kwangalis but for both Kavangos and Namibia at ... · Dec. 19, 2014
In his own words, Shokonawa has ostensibly represented Namibia in 19 ... take the youth off the streets, teach them about health and fitness issues · Dec. 19, 2014
... perched in the middle of the South Atlantic between Namibia and Brazil. ... America but the electorate still seems to think that good health is ...
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... we should not forget the circus that is the Namibia Economic Freedom ... There is no joy either when we hear the minister of health telling us ... · Dec. 19, 2014  Explore story »
... disqualified due to various reasons such as ill health, criminal records ... Similarly, Angula feels Namibia cannot afford to have its young ... · Dec. 19, 2014