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... you haven't played a game like Murasaki Baby before. Once you get beyond the occasionally clunky touchscreen controls, Murasaki Baby offers a...
IFILM · 9 hours ago
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Murasaki Baby and Run Like Hell! are available for the PS Vita with Kickbeat – Special Edition, Anomaly 2 and Air Conflicts: Vietnam...
Gaming Age · 12 hours ago
Central to the whole point of the game, "Murasaki Baby" forces this ugly kid on you and after a few minutes, she becomes "yours." It's an... · 42 hours ago
Unconventional and artistically crafted artworks shape the world of Murasaki Baby; · Sep. 16, 2014
... six games for PS3 including Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, and three for Vita including Murasaki Baby and Jetpack Joyride.
Computer and Video Games · Sep. 16, 2014
Grab Baby’s hand and guide her through a nightmarish journey to find her mother in Murasaki Baby. · Sep. 16, 2014
In Murasaki Baby , that’s what you’ll try to do, though. It’s a game that’s like nothing I’ve ever played before.
GameZone · Sep. 16, 2014
With the release of Sony Computer Entertainment's newest PlayStation Vita title, "Murasaki Baby," just a day away, Examiner gives you five reasons to ... · Sep. 15, 2014
Massimo Guarini, CEO and creative director for Ovosonico Studios, has announced that Murasaki Baby will be available exclusively on the PS Vita on · Sep. 11, 2014  Explore story »
News News 16 minutes Ago Murasaki Baby is an intriguing little PlayStation Vita title in which you help guide the main character, Baby, on a
GameZone · Sep. 10, 2014  Explore story »