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You may not know this that 00:07 I tend to get as fast with things. ... 22 and says I'll meet in Jesus name I pray a men. 01:30 Oh my god I love ...
USA Today · Jan. 28, 2015
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I knew EVERYTHING there was to know ... that you never would have thought was appropriate before kids -- things like, "Oh my God, I haven't pooped
Huffington Post · Jan. 27, 2015
... a latte Okay, lattes are good and everything, but I know moms who act ... (OH MY GOD I NEED A CAPPUCCINO CHILLER. ... I mean it’s one of ...
Washington Post · Jan. 21, 2015
I'm gonna write things that are gonna be performed by actors, then it's probably helpful for me to know ... have as a young person — 'Oh, I can
NPR · 3 hours ago
... their throats: “I’m aware of all of these things. ... They wouldn’t even know how to lock up with me if I allowed them to. If I gave ... · 4 hours ago
Think you know everything about flying? Thinks again. ... ” They rebooked everyone but me on another flight to LGA, so I am literally the only
Brisbane Courier-Mail · 35 minutes ago
... a lot that goes on aboard planes that we just don’t know about. ... They rebooked everyone but me on another flight to LGA, so I am literally ... · 1 hour ago
... they’ve (Gamble and Pettifleur) shaken things up a lot, and I don’t think they knew what they were getting into! You know, things come out...
Brisbane Courier-Mail · 1 hour ago  Explore story »
Barry Hall on episode 1 of I'm A ... Channel 10 THERE are two things you ... Supplied The rest we all know by now ... Oh and let’s also get ...
Brisbane Courier-Mail · 50 minutes ago  Explore story »
... me his, "I don't know." What it was, NBC was still in commercial and they missed the kickoff. STELTER: Oh ... and many other things I have ...
CNN · 4 hours ago