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... with the National Human Genome Research Institute on development of ARQ 092 to treat Proteus syndrome, a rare disease characterized by...
Boston Globe · Nov. 12, 2014
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Proteus syndrome is high," ArQule CMO Brian Schwartz, M.D., commented. "Characterized by noncancerous overgrowths of tissue, Proteus syndrome...
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... of ARQ 092, an orally available, selective small molecule inhibitor of AKT, in Proteus syndrome. The NIH Proteus syndrome team is led by... · Nov. 19, 2014
About Proteus Syndrome According to the patient advocacy and support group, the Proteus syndrome Foundation (
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... of Proteus Syndrome cells treated with ARQ 092; Signing of an agreement with the NIH to initiate the clinical development of ARQ 092 in Proteus...
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ArQule has announced an agreement with the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) providing for
Big News Network · Nov. 13, 2014