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Sister Monica, a nun who ministers to transgender people, goes by a pseudonym in her public communications for fear of reprisal by Catholic...
Huffington Post · 10 hours ago  Explore story »
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The judge found all the defendant did was use a pseudonym.
Chatham Daily News · 8 hours ago
Wang finally went too far when he blackmailed a policeman, the husband of a mistress named Li Li (a pseudonym).
Epoch Times · 10 hours ago
She works in the field of behavior analysis and is a published children's author, writing under the pseudonym of LAMB.
Hampton Roads Daily Press · 11 hours ago
The novel was published under the pseudonym 'Tom Collins'. Today the Furphy family still own the foundry.
Brisbane Times · 11 hours ago
The Shenzhen case was filed in November by a man using the pseudonym Mu Yi.
Shanghai Daily · 15 hours ago  Explore story »
If I had been using this system, I would have seen it." *A pseudonym.
Fortune · 15 hours ago
Included among those babies is her nephew, who now writes under the pseudonym Tadpole but was born Wan Zu (Foot) because he was born foot...
Houston Chronicle · 17 hours ago
... went on to invest in musical events, teach fifth grade computers, and went back to school under the pseudonym "Rocky Raccoon Clark" to get his...
Media Post · 12 hours ago