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... school to form a seminary campus in New York City in 2015. The partnership between Redeemer and Reformed Theological Seminary fits in with the...
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The SHG members, including women, were reformed bootleggers, and they took to the trade after intervention by the district administration and...
The Hindu · 36 hours ago
When Zion's Reformed United Church of Christ was turned into a hospital for the injured and dying during the American Revolution, parishioners
Morning Call · 44 hours ago
By William E. Sullivan © Culpeper Times Liberty and Grace Reformed Church and Theological Seminary of Culpeper, Virginia is moving to a new meeting
Culpeper Times · Sep. 20, 2014
... dinner The United Reformed Church of Clifton will host a pulled pork dinner on Saturday, Oct. 4 at 352 Clifton Ave.
North · Sep. 18, 2014
... of Spanish music and culture presented by the Musicians of Ma’alwyck at Schenectady’s First Reformed Church on Saturday afternoon.  But...
Times Union · Sep. 13, 2014
... definition might suffice for discussion today, accepting that air is a fluid in that it can be formed, reformed, and compressed to fit the...
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“America has to face the facts that we have not reformed our corporate tax code” in years, he said, noting the country has highest tax...
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