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The Schindler and Bonnard families, along with related parties, hold 67.3 percent of the voting rights in the company which dates back to 1874...
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The artists of the late 19th century such as Bonnard and Matisse took it to another level.
Berkeley Independent · Oct. 17, 2014
... winners of the ‘Fabricator of the Year’ award and in 2012 they were chosen to receive the prestigious Derrek Bonnard Award for Excellence.
BPF · Oct. 15, 2014
Chief among these was Pierre Bonnard.
North Texas e-News · Oct. 15, 2014
... and exposure to lifestyles and scenery in the South of France that artists like Cezanne, Van Gogh and Bonnard have also seen — has added a...
Bangkok Post · Oct. 14, 2014