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Representatives of Australia, which represents 29 airlines flying to and from Australia, said aviation security costs had ballooned in recent...
The Australian · 6 hours ago
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... be used to refund certain outstanding obligations for savings and to pay costs of issuance. The Rating Outlook is Stable. SECURITY The bonds ... · 23 hours ago
... costs. Glendale officials say previous threats to safety at other venues such as the Boston Marathon bombings have increased security costs.
Miami Herald · 47 hours ago  Explore story »
... the massive bulk of the bond will fund an unnecessary $5 million school security program combined with $15 million in excessive pool costs.
Casper Star Tribune · Apr. 15, 2014
... program, which would end up requiring seniors to pick up a greater share of rising costs. As for Social Security, it remains (at least this...
MSN Money · 4 hours ago
Unfortunately for those folks, the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck program, which allows expedited screening for...
Chicago Tribune · 4 hours ago
... disease that affects some 3 million animals in sub-Saharan Africa each year at massive costs to farmers’ livelihoods and food security.
United Nations · 15 minutes ago  Explore story »
... by spreading upfront equipment costs over three payments. Simple Security: Includes 24/7 professionally monitored home security, professional...
Yahoo! Finance · 3 hours ago  Explore story »
... the challenges and costs associated with new product launches. These launches include the introduction of new biometric security products for... · 58 minutes ago  Explore story »
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